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April 14, 2014


Terri C Pilarski

My BA is in dance and I spent my first four years after college working as a technical director for dance theater. I LOVE Pilobolus! How cool that your son and daughter are part of this. AND, I LOVE this idea. I may not be able to participate because of so many other pulls on my time this summer - but I love the idea!

Amy Haynie

I would be way too self conscious to dance but I love to watch. I would really love a class in how to move well. I watch other people and it seems as though dance training really shows in how confident other's are in their skin.

Mary Beth

I so appreciate your inviting us to consider this!!! I am intrigued by how uncomfortable the idea makes me, and that prompts much thought. A gift.


that looks amazing - not sure how i would feel being part of it, but there is something enticing about it, especially if it was only RGBP. however the travel from Aus?

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