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December 29, 2011


Wayne Cook

I'm with you Parson. I was in church in a joint worship service that had a worship attendance greater than the combined average of the 2 churches on a "regular" Sunday. It was one of the most powerful worship experiences of my life.


Well, I'm a PH and the Rev had her service Sunday morning. After three services on Christmas eve that were very well attended we had a nice group on Christmas morning. And at the end instead of just the usual words of the "sending to serve" - she had us icing sugar cookies and sent us to take them to the fire stations, police stations and emergency rooms for the people who had given up their Christmas to serve us. We had a great time.

Questing Parson

Sunbob - You can be sure next Christmas our church will follow that example.


Thank you, Parson.
You know, my relatives have disowned me because I'm gay. All my friends, my "chosen family," leave town for Christmas to visit their "real" families. If not for this year's Christmas Sunday service, I would have spent the day alone.

Which isn't unusual for me. BUT - it makes me empathize with all those who don't have a happy family to hang out with. You know, people like tax collectors & prostitutes - the sort Jesus would have hung out with. Seems like his birthday is a good time to remind our congregants that Jesus' family is bigger than picture-perfect nuclear families with 2 kids, a dog, & a white picket fence.

Rev. Paul M. Turner

Stands and applauds!

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