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March 21, 2011


Wayne Cook

Reminds me of my first Palm Sunday at Sand Mountain. Gentleman shows up about 45 minutes before church. I greet him, ask if he wants coffee or to join some of us in the fellowship hall or Sunday School. He politely refused, "The Lord's house is not a place for socializing. I'll just have a seat here (in the sanctuary) and wait" I point out the location of the rest rooms and tell him that if he needs anything to let me know. Find out from some other folks that this fellow's mission in life was to go to churches throughout the area and let them know what they're doing wrong. Well, that's just great.

Our service that day was the full Palm/Passion liturgy in the Book of Worship (focused on the scripture in Lessons and Carols style) followed by Word and Table IV (Holy Communion in the traditional language). No preaching, the text spoke for itself. He came up for intinction. Upon greeting him after the service, he gave me a hug and prayed for me. Never saw him again.

wondering aloud

one's own percieved truth trumps manners.....?

bless, it must be very hard to be so certain of truth and yet consistantly fail to find it

lonely as well

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