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March 06, 2011



I think this might be the best Transfiguration sermon I've ever encountered, and perhaps one that could only have emerged out of your present experience of loss.

Yesterday I had breakfast with a friend who lost her husband just a year ago, at the age of 60 after five years of cancer. Their life together, with their children, and now hers, have been filled with outdoor experiences such as your describe; in fact, their family trip to Alaska a couple of years ago was part of the way in which they dealt with knowing they had a limited amount of time together left. I'm going to print this out and include it in the note I'm sending her to mark the first year.

wondering aloud

well........hope you don't mind but this is linked through from my blog...

thank you

i also am going to print this out, but for me.
i think i could benefit from having this to hand in my diary for a while.......

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