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December 22, 2010



QP, your eloquence is just stunning and brings me to tears. Thank you for continuing to give your voice in the midst of grief. What beautiful and profound words.


Oh QP... with tears and grateful Amens! continuing prayers for you and all who have a Lynn sized hole in their hearts. Light came and the darkness has not overcome it - to hell with death indeed!


QP, I have nothing to say, nor are there truly any words...but I will sit still in grief with you, mourn beside you, and pray. Peace fellow brother in Christ, peace.


Questing Parson, I've found my way to your site off and on from Alaska and wanted to tell you that I pray with you. And I wanted to tell you I found your words inspiring. Indeed, to hell with death.


I found your words at a blog i follow. I dare not to write like you. you are so courageous.I wish i had a strong soul.
may God bless her soul! Amen!

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