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December 13, 2010


Rev. Turner

You are faced with what none of us ever want to face...my heart has broken for you, Lynn and the family. I pray for God's wisdom and courage to be with each of you and the peace that only Jesus can give in the days ahead. I will be here my friend anytime day or night.


oh, guy....I'm so sorry. holding you in the light as you walk this hard journey.


You're in my prayers.

Susan S, Piedmont, SC

Many thoughts and many, many prayers for you and the rest of the family and for Lynn.
I am so sorry and will hold you in prayers

Wayne Cook

Prayers continue to be lifted from here.

Curtis Grissett

What devastating news. Our prayers are with you. May God's peace envelope all of you. Peace, Curtis


Oh, Guy... lifting more prayers for you and Lynn. May you feel God's peace.


Prayers for you and yours. Abundant prayers.

James A. Garrison, Asheville, NC

Parson and family -

I am so sorry to hear this news. All of you continue in my prayers. May you be surrounded by God's peace.

Though we've never met, I feel like I have come to know you through your blog. You have encouraged me many times. Now I pray that you may feel supported by friends in faith during this most difficult time.

Pastor Sarah

Parson, My heart breaks with this news. Through this blog you've shared the joy of your home and marriage with us, your readers who have come to love and know you both. You, Ms. Parson, and all of your loved ones are in my prayers.


You are constantly in my heart and prayers. I think of our visit together in Maine each time I look at the beautiful rays of sunshine Mrs. Parson crafted in stained glass. LP and I both send love.


My brother, you don't know me, but I read regularly. You and the family Parson will be in my prayers. The peace of God be with you all.

Rev. Walker King

How often have you ministered to others at this stage of their lives?
Now you are the one who needs ministering to. I know it is hard to allow someone else to do the ministering when it is you.
My prayers for you, for Lynn, and for the "living daughter".
I pray for God's peace, and for His answers for you all.


Oh, Parson, I'm so sorry. Prayers for you, for Lynn, and for your whole family.


I am so sorry. You are such a blessing in the grace-filled way you share, even in the midst of this horrible situation. You and Lynn and your family remain in my prayers.


Prayers and prayers and prayers for you, for Lynn and for your family. Love you lots, QP. We got your back!


My tears rain down with yours. May the love you know be known by all.
Thank you.


There are no words but my prayers are with you


I am so very sorry. You are all in my prayers.


with sighs too deep for words... I am so sorry- praying for you, Lynn and all who love you...


Yes, sighs to deep for words. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches for you.


I am so sorry. I will continue to hold you and Lynn and your family in my prayers.


Praying for wisdom and peace for you as you live with this moment. I am so sorry.


I have popped in and out over the few years enjoying your posts....It is no accident that I was updating the the blogroll at Georgia on My Mind and decided to pop back in to see what you were up to. :( I'm so very sorry your family is facing this, and you all are in my prayers.

Nancy Fitzgerald

Prayers of compassion and wisdom for you.

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