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December 28, 2010



Are you familiar with the blog Beauty Tips for Ministers?

This post reminds me of one I that wrote a few weeks after our son died, about the ladies and fashions of Mad Men. I had become completely obsessed with the show; it was such a total break from the reality of my unbearable life.

Rant away, QP.


i agree wholeheartedly with everything you said! *sigh* sometimes i wonder if women try to deny or coverup or tone done beauty? as if somehow if we are sexy, *gasps of horror* folks couldn't handle it?? which is so silly i mean really people didn't god make us all? don't we claim sexuality as a gift?

okay that being said, please know i am not wearing hoochie-mamma outfits...


Thank you for the reminder. I try to look professional when working (visitation, preaching etc.), but am guilty of frumpiness if I just dash out to the store. I am so sorry for the loss of Mrs. Parson. God be with you.


I'm looking forward to your post regarding our male counter parts who seemingly failed to register for pastor fashion 101. Just saying...

Beach Walkin

may God bless you and comfort you as you grieve the loss of Mrs. Parson. prayers ascending for you... your family... your friends... and your congregation.

i wear a mix of slacks and an occassional skirt... cute sweaters... over plain shirts... maybe a cute scarf or necklace. i always wear flat shoes. 2 services in alb and stole. 1 service in street clothes.

during the week... it's a different story. same cute tops and shoes... but blue jeans are the standard. even to the hospital... or to a home visit.

i'm pretty sure... i look better in my jeans (even at 51)... than some of my male counterparts... who look like they slept in their clerical shirts and slacks. my alb is clean... and so are my stoles.

the one thing the what not to wear people didn't talk about was the cost of the collar they had made for the priest. if i wore a collar... i would love to be able to own one like the girl on what not to wear. however... at $120 bucks... i think i will stick to trying to avoid clerical shirts.


Darling! For heaven's sake! Get to beautytipsforminsters.com IMMEDIATELY and know that this cause has already been taken up with great gusto by Yours Truly. Women AND men clergy badly need it.

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