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July 10, 2009


Mac McCarty

Preach it, Pastor. Ol' Reginald just moves from church to church, seeking out the new pastor. Oh, he may appear as Regina (look for the blue hair), or Reggie (the 30-ish pastor wannabe), but he never loses that ability to make it the Pastor's fault, and after only a couple of weeks.

And (at least in in the presbyterian denominations), we ruling elders all too often let Reginald get away with it--because, after all, Reginald has been a member for decades and must know a thing or two about good pastoring. Sigh.

Paraphrasing an old marine Corps saying about "duty stations," it seems as if we will only get two really good pastors in our congregational lifetime--the last guy and the one that comes next.

So preach it, Brother. We in the pews need to hear this.

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