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May 19, 2009


Beach Walkin

Thank you for sharing your pain... and thank you for asking... nicely... for the Leon's of the world... to just be quiet. I just did a funeral service for a 9 ounce baby boy... and am now working with the couple... who are scared to death as they consider getting pregnant again. You so get it... and I'm so thankful you share it with us.

Becca Clark

Been there-- at least to one of those places. And as I mourned the loss of the life I had carried, I knew for sure that life is life and is precious and is painful, and is no one's ability to legislate, decide, or quantify. The Leons of the world tell me this should make me pro-life, and I tell them i am, just not the way they think of it.

Thank you for your thoughts and your shared grief. Most of all, thank you for the request for silence.



Dear Parson,
Just read this entry, the words "thank you" are not adequate. As I read, a memory flooded back amid the tear-filled eyes for me. 38 years and a couples of months ago, I and my wife, who was 4 months pregnant, stood with another couple, our age and not active in the church, to bury their stillborn daughter. The years have erased their names from my memory but not the name of their daughter, Heather Michelle. Only God knows the last name. Thank you for your witness. Peace, Curtis


Thank you.

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