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March 17, 2009


Melissa S.

Too cool Parson!


OMG--this is actually a great idea! I love it! :-) Now, how can I do it myself, since I don't know anyone cool enough to notice when I give the signal? hmm....time to practice texting-without-looking again. :-)

Greg Hazelrig

COOL, I'll have to try that as soon as i can get some more twenty year olds. ha ha


Not sure what to think about this. In a way, I think it's great and would use this idea (if we had ANY kids with a cellphone).

Part of me wants to edit your message in two ways: 1) either acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit, or say "the" sermon rather than "my" sermon. 2) Ask something more specific and open-ended, such as, "Could you relate to the illustration about fear? What's one of your biggest fears?"

The text as phrased on this blog seems like you are seeking approval for doing what you are called to do. I'm pretty sure Moses would have failed that one if he had texted those leaving Egypt with him. I think my objection is that it suggests to the teens that you are insecure about this. But, most of them won't likely pick up on this unless you continue asking for their approval.


Sure beats the idea of turning off the cell phones during worship ...

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