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January 29, 2009



Several years ago our youth group had a soup supper as a fundraiser. A man wandered in and asked for a meal, he did not have enough money for a ticket. Our assistant pastor was so rude to this man, people around took notice. He asked if he could just stay a few minutes to warm up, she told him no. I walked over and handed him my ticket. (and oh did I get the evil eye from Ms Assistant Pastor). He refused, but I insisted. I even told him we could fix his meal to go if he wanted, but it would take me a while to get it ready. He agreed. I filled a take out bowl with Chicken Noodle soup, another with chili. I stuffed his syrofoam container with several sandwiches and another woman filled another container with an assortment of bars and cookies. We tucked a couple cartons on milk into his goodie bag, and filled a large cup with steaming coffee for his walk home. He got warm while we packaged his supper (and enough for a new more meals) and I was warm inside for a long time.

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