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January 26, 2009



I don't own a kindle, my cell phone does not tell me the weather or take pictures (and usually has a dead battery), I am lost without my computer and still appreicate a hanky! The are much easier on a sore nose than puffs.


Quaint? Wow. My hubby uses hankercheifs all the time. And he always wants 100 per cent cotton which have been harder to find since they started making hankercheifs from polyester mixes. But NONE? Egads!


This is not a commercial-I am not a stock owner but I do find that I can find a lot of 'quaint' things at the Vermont Country Store and they are online.
Cheers. Naomi

Matt Kent

Well, funny you should mention handkerchiefs. i just got one in my stocking for christmas and i like it so much i decided to get more. I asked a friend who lives in manhattan and knows where to get everything there. in fact, he did tell me where to get them. apparently there are several in his drawer because his great aunt gives them to him for christmas every year and he doesn't use them because they are for old men. we had this conversation after a performance in vancouver. a very cute presenter walked up immediately after my friend's disparaging remarks. i asked her what she thought about men my age carrying a handkerchief. you know what she said. . ."sexy!"
ps - you can order handkerchiefs here http://www.giftwagon.com/hanandban.html online of course, oh right! sorry about your computer. hehe.

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