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October 20, 2008


rev mommy

My mother would just say that they weren't raised right. To not show up on time and well groomed is not showing respect -- not showing respect to God, not showing respect to the Congregation and not showing respect for themselves. Now I don't think that PeaceBang is always right; I believe there are regional differences in attire. What flies in California won't necessarily fly in Rural Georgia -- or the urban NE.

But soap is cheap -- needle and thread are easy to weld. And an alarm clock is a necessity.

I drive an hour and a half to my church and I've not been late or slovenly yet. Those who roll out of bed and show up at church messy have zero excuse, IMHO.

Beach Walkin

I with you on this one. I'm always early (too early according to my spouse) on Sunday morning. I've got my lightly applied makeup on... my hair is brushed and sprayed... and I'm wearing a pressed clerical. I wear real shoes on Sunday... even though I would rather be wearing flipflops. BUT... I do wear blue jeans... because that's the kind of church we are.

Not too many Sundays ago... a supply person filled in for me. She showed up right in time to preach... which is TOO LATE in our denomination... because the WHOLE service is important. Her one screwup... set me back quite a way in my own ministry with this small congregation. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

I also don't like the other side of the "girls" group... the ones that say... we want to be equal with the men pastors.... and then have a "special" table set up at convocation. If you wanna play... then play with EVERYONE... it's a Jesus thing to do!

From this female pastor... I wasn't offended... ONE IOTA by your comments... I'm sittin here agreeing with a big ole AMEN!!!!!

Rev Kim

I'm not offended one bit by your post either. I wholeheartedly agree!


Amen from me too! Messy hair? T shirts? Ye gads!

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