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September 11, 2008




Sometimes I think this is true within congregations too...

Becca Clark

I don't know how the mentors were chosen in our Conference. I think the executive committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry asked people to be mentors. All I know is that since they have been more intentional about recruiting *and training* mentors, I have had one and she has been wonderful, and a very, very important part of my candidacy process.

Beach Walkin

There are several groups that I would like to serve on in our denomination. Unfortunately... when I see the application... I usually end up getting a headache... and doing like you... pitching it. Not only are the applications completed by folks "trying to get ahead"... I realized... the danged applications are written for people who want to get ahead... not really be of service to the church catholic. Heaven forbid that anyone that doesn't fit the pre-conceived "job decription"... actually want to serve in a particular capacity. AAARRRGGGGHHHH!


Ugh! I'm sorry. And get some rest, Parson.

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