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September 12, 2008



Love this!
Also, I get an extra paragraph this way...wonder how many other preachers will turn last week's manuscript into this format and see how they did? :-)


Most weeks I would need the front and back page as well, as the manuscript is generally around 4 pages of 12 font, single-spaced.

The advice I got from a retired pastor, when I ordained three years ago, was to keep it to less than 1500 words (15 minutes or less). I had started out here around 2500 words, and generally manage to keep it to 2000 (but not much less).

I've tried to cover a wide-range of aspects in a passage (both in study and in the sermon), and found that it's way too much. And it puts a lot of weight on the transitions - such that sometimes folks couldn't follow.

I think I'll try to keep it to six half-pages this weekend, and see how that goes. Any particular type of focus on any of the specific pages?

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