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May 13, 2008



Amen to what Pastor Paul said.nbsp; This is Beautiful!nbsp;nbsp; Thank you.

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I'm sharing this post with a lot of people, just so you know.--DogBlogger

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Friend of Dog Blogger here- thanks to you for sharing and to her for passing along this beautiful yet heart wrenching story. When we serve at the hospital it's not always clear exactly why we are there, then suddenly it is. Blessings,Mid-life Rookie


When my mom needed open heart surgery (J) and I hand picked the surgical team at the heart center where we met and had worked for many years. They were the best of the best.nbsp; Mom came thru the very difficult procedure, but an hour after transfer to ICU threw a massive clot and died.nbsp; The lead surgeon, a dear friend, and the cardiologist worked the code for an hour, even performing open heart massage as a last resort.nbsp; I remember us hugging and crying together in the aftermath.nbsp; They cared, and not just because we had worked together for the better part of a decade.nbsp; They would still be the ones whom I would recommend....because they care so much.


One can find God's sheep in the oddest places...Praise God you are indeed a good shephard.

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As a doctor I feel the pain, the frustration, the questioning of why couldn't I save this this child. As a mother I can only imagine the fear and horror of that mother and family. I know that being a physician is my calling in service to the Great Physician and God as given me the gifts to practice medicine. It is good to be reminded that we are all practitioners together in God's service.


We take so much for granted when we go to the hospital.nbsp; CPE, however, taught me that even medical staff need to receive God's comfort, especially in the case of a child's death.nbsp; Thanks for the post.

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