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May 16, 2008


Anonymous Visitor

Go QP!I am so sick of this issue. It just won't die quietly. I had to deal with it from a member of my own extended family not long ago. Zorra

Anonymous Visitor

What a wonderful piece of writing. I struggle with my response to dear, loved family members who send me those emails. And I live in the South, so I've gotten them all. Numerous times.

Anonymous Visitor

Well said.doodlebugmom (your blog doesn't like my password anymore, lol)

Anonymous Visitor

Yes. I got the e-mailed picture of Sen. Obama with his hands at his sides!And college educated fellow professionals have explained their opposition to Sen. Obama to me by saying they could never vote for someone who: - is not a Christian - plans to be sworn in on the Koran - refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag And -- horrors! -- he doesn't wear a flag pin!AIEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

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