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March 18, 2008



Amen! I got involved with a Bible believing church in college, and it almost led me away from Christianity. I had trouble reconciling what I was hearing from the pulpit with what I was reading in my devotionals. As the gap increased I began to think Christianity was all a waste of time. After all, if this was how far off the churches that believed the Bible were, imagine what I might hear in those that didn't!

It took a few years and a lot of wrestling with God before I was able to give church a chance again. I'm grateful that I was able to find a faith that is grounded in God and not merely in the Bible.

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Amen, QP! And a Blessed Easter - Law Gospel

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Sorry, that sighing person was me.


Priceless, Parson, priceless! I especially like the part about killing the adulterous woman. Why is it we need to interpret some parts of the Bible and not others?


...old and cantankerous now and Im not going to let you people beat up on my theology...I love it!

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