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August 27, 2007



Some of my buddies did about the same thing in college. The TA for our dorm drove an Austin American, if anything smaller than the VW. One weekend night 4 of us decided to play with his mind, so one at each corner, we lifted and moved the car to a flat section of concrete about 12 high. It was a hoot the next morning when he was looking for his car, then trying to figure out how it got there and how he was going to get it off.


Why is it so often that pastors are the former pranksters? There is a boy in my congregation that I believe well may become a clergyman one of these days....

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I like this story of St serendipity, the holiness of the unexpected.
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my daughter tried to steal a vehicle once as a prank, glad to know she is in good company!

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