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May 23, 2007


Anonymous Visitor

I think eating out on Sundays IS good. Sundays is made for fellowship because that's part of worship. and yes of course there's a price to pay - people have towork on Sundays be it at home making food or serving in a restaurant or preaching :)

Our attitude is what matters and I do try not to buy groceries on Sundays (where i live most of the year the markets aren't allowed to open on Sundays -other than the small corner stores and I like that)


I've said the same thing many times. Of course, I have a profession which works 24/7/365 at the hospital. Oh well.

Anonymous Visitor

One of my pet peeves at a church I briefly attended: hearing the minister preach against working on Sunday, then seeing him a couple of tables over at a restaurant after the service.


That was from me. Not sure why my login to the site didn't carry over to the comments section.

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