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April 12, 2007


Anonymous Visitor

Imus has never been my cup of tea. But neither are a lot of broadcasters. While I was thankful to see Dan Rather fired (I know... he resigned, but really does anyone think it was his idea?) there were many who found it a bitter thing to watch. I could understand their bitterness, but Rather was simply dishonest. In the end he was not fired because he was dishonest but because he was a libility to the bottom line of CBS. Imus will be fine. He has commanded a large audience which some other broadcaster will value enough to hire Imus to do what Imus does best which is act poorly. That is the same reason that Rosie O'Donald finds a place on any broadcast medium. That she is ignorant and profoundly biased is ignored or laughed off simply because she attracts attention which translates into advertising dollars. Again, the bottom line is the senior program editor.

Ours is a pluralistic society. We value freedom. We value freedom of speech. In that regard, our courts have declared that art is speech, music is speech, dance is speech, even the burning of the American flag is speech as is the use of the Cross in a container of urine is speech. Ours is a pluralistic society. We value freedom. We value freedom of speech. Oddly, some speech is considered so outragious that it should be limited. So Imus steps over the boundary into the forbidden zone of tactless racism and likea knee jerking those who would otherwise defend to the extreme free speech go on attack mode. And oddly defending the right of Imus to speak freely is Rosie. Maybe in the midst of all this flavor of the day furor there is reason to stop and think. If we are going to be a truly pluralistic society, if we are truly going to value freedom, especially freedom of speech, then maybe along with all the art thatis speech and the music that is speech and the dance ;that is speech and even the burning of the American flag that is speech as is the use of the Cross in a container of urine that is speech we're going to have to learn to live with the current level of trash and filth that currently masquerades as broadcast entertainment because it also is speech. Sincerely OOM


I will never forget the one time my dad used a racist slur. I was 12, maybe 13. I had never heard anthing like that from him before or after. And I really don't think thats who he is But that split second, changed the way I saw him.


I feel so fortunate to have been protected from bigoted talk as a young person. It came as a real shock to me later. But it also means I was very naive about the bigotry that existed in my community, and that has been a shock to uncover, too.

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