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March 30, 2007


Anonymous Visitor

I love your writing.

But I have to say I don't like the new format of this blog and the logging in ... why did you change it. The narrow columns aren't nearly as reader-friendly .... sorry to say!Lorna (see through faith)


An Observer



Youve hit it out of the park for three consecutive at bats.

The post about We are who we are, even when we know the end is near. seemed to me profound. I think Ive seen those traits in a lot of people over time. I would hope they apply to me, too.

The post Show Me the Word energized my thought process. I dont think Ill ever look at the beginning of John the same way again.

But, the Baptism post brought me almost to tears. Oddly enough your comment about knowing how bonded homeless humans and homeless dogs could become. was what did it. I have always had acomfortable place to live and have generally had dogs, (with the exception of a period when we lost the last of a long series of Labs that we had bred over three generations. Took a while to get over that grief). And animals, dogs in particular, have always seemed to relate to me. Never considered it might be because they are homeless, and I am likewise. Not in a material sense, mind you, but in the sense of always searching formytrue home. I believe you hit upon real spiritual truth in this one.



Well I've been catching up here today - I'm still getting used to Windows Vista and ironing out a few glitches. I am glad I came and visited and had time to read a few posts.

As always, I found your posts to be thoughtprovoking, challenging, humorous, interesting etc. I like it that you're so real to the people you minister to. Perhaps that's because you've learned to listen. Thanks for ministering to us through your posts, too.


Isn't it a glorious thing how followers of Christ can walk out together even though they doubtless disagree about details? Thus I can pray blessing for the baby baptism even though we don't do that, can chuckle at the discomfiture of the pastor who was losing even though I might have a lot in common with him, and I can wish blessing on both of you, and I'm sure you do the same for me, my brother and cyber friend. The WORD was made flesh and lived among us.

Praise be to God for His unspeakable gift....!
I tend to think of the Bible as the written account of God's dealings with mankind, specifically a written word revealing the eternal Word.
Blessings upon you as we approach Holy Week.

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