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March 21, 2007



Amen, Parson.
I, too, am fortunate enough to have a conflict this Saturday!
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i am for enabling people to do the work they need, and being low on the totem pole state worker i was shuffled around from inadequate facilities to inadequate facilities (so inadequate that we didn't have internet and only a phone system). i would have enjoyed someone giving enough about my work (and my co-workers) to do some of those things to enable us with the tools needed. we can't just say, no building

with that said, i've seen churches and other agencies get sucked in with the lure of growth and a new building project. we don't need to be short sighted and unimaginative in finding ways to serve the church taking into account all aspects of stewardship.

shalom, -gavin


This post hits close to home. thanks for sharing.

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