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March 29, 2007



Oh, Parson! Would it be unchristian of me to have a thought about a good hard smack upside the headfor the foolish preacherwho laughed about a funeral for a dog? ;-)It's a cliche, but he should have asked himself, What would Jesus do? Poor woman. I'm praying for her right now, and I hope that she will come to church, and find love and grace and healing and hope. May the baptism be sweet.

Anonymous Visitor

I don't want to answer for the parson, but I wouldn't consider it to be unchristian to smack that foolish preacher upside the head. Of course, I would ask forgiveness afterward.
Praying for Jessica, Kenny and all who will be involved in this special moment.

Anonymous Visitor

Thanks for that one, brother.

Anonymous Visitor

Wow, parson. What an encounter. I am gearing up for my first baptism on Easter and really appreciate your post.

~c. (amongthehills.blogspot.com)

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