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February 23, 2007



Sounds great! I especially like the Pickle Shoes Dance Theater and wish they could come visit my class!

Anonymous Visitor

Wow! Congratulations!

Anonymous Visitor

Having seen Matt and Emily live, I'll certainly be on the lookout for them!

Anonymous Visitor

Oh Parson, I just saw this post...and missed the awards. :-(
Of course, I was busy...heh heh heh...see my blog.
This is wonderful though!


Anonymous Visitor

That was some amazing work! When they came out front, I was trying to make out their faces, but couldn't really get a goodlook...was Mattnext tothe guys in tuxedos?
(This is DogBlogger...can't remember my login...)

Anonymous Visitor

I'm watching the Oscars now... already saw some of the kid's work. Now I know whose kid. Wow!


You've got good eyes, DogBlogger. That was my little boy.

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