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February 28, 2007



Parson, every once in a while I come across a blog post and I think, I wish I had said that! Well, I wish I had said that!

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Well written - well said. Should be engraved at the entrance for all those who belive in Open Doors, Open Hearts!


Well, what can I say...I have been waiting for this essay to be completed for a long time and this morning as I read it all I could think of between my tears that flowed with abundance were the words THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to examine the subject that clearly affects my friends, community andmy partner and I daily. Thank you for taking the time to examine your head, heart and soul. Thank you for bringing real meaning to the Psalm which states: Be still and know that I am God. Thank you for recognizing my people and myself have a deep and abiding love for God and the word of God is far from silent today.Thank you for the courage and deep conviction about the Gospel that it took to write these words. Thank you for allowing my congregation and myself to be apart of your learning curve. Thank you for being an unconditional friend. But maybe more then anything else with this essay you have given my people reason tocontinue in thefaith...to look forward with hope.A hopewhich rests in the thoughtthat as others read these words it will give them pause to look at a GLBTQ person they might know and rather then react to something unclean, act in the sure knowledge the person whom stands before them is a child of God! Today the GLBTQ community and thelarger community of society which I serve are blessed to have a friend and parson such as you. For those who may read this response and think it too personal, to intimate... well calling oneself a Christian and proclaiming the gospel is the most intimate and personal thing we can do in this life I believe.

With Deep Gratitude,
Pastor Paul

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