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January 09, 2007



So how do you decide in you own mind which Bible stories are historical and which ones are not? For a story like the one about the Good Samaritan it probably matters little if the story really happened or not, because we can all appreciate the obvious teaching. On the other hand if like Marcus Borg you see the resurrection story as metaphorical rather than historical, then I'm not sure you haven't ripped the heart out of Christianity.
Another issue I have with some liberal Christians is that they tend to pick out the best about Jesus and ignore more difficult issues like his frequent references to hell , his failed return within the lifetime of his contemporaries etc. Comments anyone?


What would you say to someone who says that modern biblical scholarship tends to discount many Bible stories as myths and legends?


Here's one interesting way on looking at how to interpret the Bible


An Observer

My Son I had a talk over Christmas and he expressedsimilar doubts to me. He's in his late 20's.We spokeat length about faith withoutabsolute proofthough I was nowhere near as elloquent as you. I have emailed him your comments and begged that he take time to read them. Thank you Parson. Pax.

Anonymous Visitor

I think that's essentially true, if you're use the term myth. However, modern biblical scholarship tends to get a bum wrap from some conservatives in this. A myth is simply understood as a story that tells a truth. Most modern scholars in saying a story, Noah perhaps, is a myth are not denying the truths that come from those stories.

A fictional novel of our day is capable of proclaiming a truth. My own stories here on QP, I hope, express a truth. And while they are based usually on actual happens they are not told literally.

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