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January 15, 2007


Anonymous Visitor

I know this Pastor personally as a collegue and friend. This whole mess makes me sick to my stomach. Who are these folks who would question the love God brings to one's life? Especially two who have indeed answer the call of God to Proclaim the Gospel.

I have been with my husband for 24 years and doing ordained ministry for 20. God could not have given me any greater gift then this man who has shared his life and unconditional lovewith mine in the best of times and the most challenging times. A man who's promise to stay with me until death do we part, was not just ceremony, but has been sacrement! People, wonder why I do not desire any kind of denominational connection with doing ministery...you need not look any further then this trial.
I say to those who would question the validity of our love, our relationships and our covenets with each other; SHAME ON YOU!
Pastor Paul-Gentle Spirit Christian Church


Why is it with so many real problems facing the world that far too many churches harp endlessly on the issue of homosexuality?
This kind of behaviour only reinforces in my mind how out of touch and irrelevant many churches have become.
Albert (frustrated ex-christian).


I agree totally with thethoughts in your post as well as the above comment. It seems that for each step we take foward as a society, we take two steps back...

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