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February 17, 2012



If you move to Canada, I'll head up the welcoming committee.

Though our government seems to be taking its cues from yours. It's not cool.

The Crimson Rambler

I'm with parodie on this one (Hi there, parodie!), the last four-five words of this post are the v. definition of Good News. Feel free to unleash it on us, any time!!! And meantime, you be well.

Rev. Run

I agree with you completely re: marriage. There should be a religious ceremony, distinct from what the government does. As a very conservative Christian, I think the government *should* sanction civil unions apart from the church (including same-sex), and then a couple should have the ability to go through a religious ceremony to bless the union.

As for the housing allowance, if you disagree with the government stance/tax-free status, then, by all means, don't designate that money as a housing allowance or exclusion. It's like the people who shout, "I want government to leave me alone" one day and the next, "Where's my social security check?"

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